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Win or lose, Pressler made a difference

Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 at 11:49 am

By: Kevin Woster

A year ago or so, Larry Pressler and I were talking about his coming campaign for the U.S. Senate, and the concerns among those who cared most about him - including some former staffers - that the 22-year congressional veteran would be humiliated if he ran for one last term.

It wasn't just that they feared he would lose. They feared he would take a shellacking, become a campaign joke, that the 2014 run would be an asterisk of historic derision on an otherwise admirable political career.

Boy, were they wrong. And I'll bet gladly so, now.

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OUR VIEW: Pressler best candidate in Senate race

Some people have wondered why we've waited this long for our endorsement for the U.S. Senate race.

Partially, it's because we wanted to wait and make our decision on Election Day. It's a tight race in our eyes, even if the polls don't show it.

It's a tight race because we agree with each candidate on different issues.

We've made our decision on the eve of Election Day to endorse Larry Pressler, independent candidate running against a Republican in Mike Rounds, a Democrat in Rick Weiland and another independent in Gordon Howie.

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Independents' Day? Pressler candidacy echoes changes in SD electorate

By Lance Nixon -

When the Argus Leader and the Rapid City Journal, South Dakota’s largest daily newspapers, endorsed independent U.S. Senate candidate Larry Pressler in recent days, it wasn’t merely a vote of confidence in the former Republican senator going into Tuesday’s general election.

It was also an indication that only two flavors, Republican and Democrat, just aren’t enough to satisfy some choosy customers out shopping for their next U.S. senator-just as Pressler finds it difficult to put an “R” behind his name any longer.

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EDITORIAL: Journal endorses Pressler for US Senate

Mike Rounds had a hefty lead in the polls when he visited with the Rapid City Editorial Board this summer and said in so many words that the election for U.S. Senate was essentially his to lose.

Rounds had name recognition as a two-term former South Dakota governor; he was a Republican in an overwhelmingly red state and had national party support; and his opponents included a never-before-elected and a little-known Democrat in Rick Weiland and two candidates running shoestring campaigns as independents.

And yet, in our view, while Rounds may still win the election, he has lost our support as a board.

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States largest newspaper endorses Pressler

We urge you to sit down and make a list before you vote for a candidate for U.S. Senate.

What do you want from your senator?

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Independent Senator from Maine wants Pressler to Rejoin National Fray

It’s about getting the process working to build bridges instead bickering in the United States Senate. 

Independent Senator from Maine Angus King made a recent endorsement for fellow Independent candidate Larry Pressler.  King says a non-party participant can make a difference.

Politics does include a fair amount of deal making and the former Governor of Maine said his goal was to caucus with the group, which would offer him the most flexibility.  King says the Democrats have given the leeway he was pursuing.

King’s motto is “I call them as I see them.”  Even though the Democrats currently hold the majority and King votes a majority of the time with the Blue Bunch there are some times when the state of Maine is better served by going his own way.

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Poll: Independent Surging in SD race

South Dakota Republican Senate candidate Mike Rounds is looking increasingly vulnerable, as another poll shows independent Larry Pressler surging and now trailing him by just two points.

The poll, conducted by Survey USA for the American News, KSFY TV and KOTA TV, gives Rounds, a former South Dakota governor, 35 percent support. Pressler, a former U.S. senator, takes 32 percent support among likely voters.

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Centrist Project Press Release: Pressler Surges in South Dakota Senate Race; New National Movement Underway

Washington, DC —A new SurveyUSA poll shows Independent candidate Larry Pressler surging ahead in his race to represent South Dakota in the U.S. Senate. Pressler, a former three-term Republican U.S. Senator, is the only candidate in his race gaining ground with voters across the political spectrum. The new poll indicates that many South Dakota voters, fed up with partisan bickering, are turning their frustration into support for an Independent candidate at the expense of the two major party candidates. Pressler is finding strong appeal for his commitment to set aside partisan politics and focus on the core issues of critical importance to all Americans.

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Centrist Project Press Release: Pressler Surges in South Dakota Senate Race; New National Movement Underway

Senator Pressler appeared on MSNBC on Sunday, September 14 to discuss the changing South Dakota Senate race. You can watch the full interview here

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MERCER: Rounds Leads, but Pressler Surprises


PIERRE – Democratic candidate Rick Weiland had the perfect chance to prevent Republican Mike Rounds from being elected South Dakota’s next U.S. senator

Weiland needed only to write a letter to the secretary of state and declare he was withdrawing before the Aug. 5 deadline.

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Pressler slams GOP, calls impeachment resolution 'embarrassment'

U.S. Senate candidate Larry Pressler is not too pleased with the action of his former political party

After the state Republican Party passed a resolution to support the impeachment of President Barack Obama last weekend at its convention in Rapid City, Pressler said regardless of political standing, there should be an effort to work with the president.

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Centrist PAC endorses Larry Pressler

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — A new political action committee aimed at eliminating partisanship from national politics announced Wednesday it is endorsing independent candidate Larry Pressler in his bid to take back the U.S. Senate seat he held decades ago.

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How 'American Hustle' Is Helping One Former Senator's Campaign

A Senate candidate in South Dakota is highlighting his role in the Abscam scandal in a new TV ad.

A decades-old political scandal and grainy FBI footage are usually the stuff of Hollywood movies, not TV ads for Senate candidates. But a candidate from South Dakota is turning to the glitz and glamor of Tinseltown and his own brush with a dark chapter in U.S. political history to argue voters should send him back to Washington.

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