In this piece, Washington Post reporter Martin Schramm relates how Senator Pressler "would not be bought... Pressler, according to law enforcement sources, was the one approached member of Congress who flatly refused to consider financial favors in exchange for legislative favors..." The following year Federal District Judge George C. Pratt wrote in an 136 page opinion upholding the Abscam convictions that "Pressler, particularly, acted as citizens have a right to expect their elected representatives to act. He showed a clear awareness of the line between proper and improper conduct, and despite his confessed need for campaign money, and despite the additional attractiveness to him of the payment offered, he nevertheless refused to cross into impropriety."

(Nationally-syndicated cartoonist Jim Berry created this cartoon which ran in newspapers internationally in 1980.)

Diogenes, a Greek philosopher who lived early in the 4th century B.C. spent his lifetime with a lantern looking for an honest man, but never found one.